Face mask is must to protect yourself from Covid-19.
Whenever we go out to buy groceries or medicines we all use masks.
What if i say frontline workers like doctors,police are also in danger even if they wear masks?

Yes its true.Here is the statistics of problem faced due to prolonged wearing of masks.

Should we be concerned?
As more asymptomatic patients with SARSCoV-2 infection are found in the world,wearing N95 masks is undoubtedly an effective respiratory protective measure .However, wearing an N95 mask for a long time may bring potential risks and even complications that are difficult to eliminate.

Neurons are the building block of neural networks in deep learning.In this article , i have given a detailed explanation on what happens inside a neuron!

Imagine you are a drawing teacher for school kids.You ask them to draw animals.Well , all of the kids drew different animals and showed you.
You might be perplexed after seeing those vivid drawings and took quite a amount of time to know which animal it was!

Well , this drawing is funny! You looked into various features of animals in the drawing like ears, tail ,eyes and came to a conclusion that this…

If you are looking to know about open source software and how to contribute to open source projects , you are in right place.This blog is for you.Let’s get started.

What’s the recent movie you watched?Did you watch it in VLC Media player?VLC Media Player is one of the most popular open source software examples which is a cross platform media player written in c and c++, which is available for free to use .

If you are into graphic designing and animations you might have used Blender.Blender is also a open source software.If …

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